A story about wind and waves, sunshine and storms.
OCEANBAGS It's not just a bag, it's a story!
With much love, OCEANBAGS are handmade on a sailing boat, following the freedom's call.
ONLINE SHOP For more designs have a look at the Ocean Care online shop.
SAIL HOOK Fastens the sail on the mast.
Former life as bedlinen or curtain. LINING
SAIL NUMBERS Show registry, boat type and country of registration.
TELL TALE Flutters horizontally if the sail is trimmed correctly.
Is mostly used for racing boats. KEVLAR SAIL
DACRON SAIL Is the most common sail material. "You can never have enough lines on board" - as a real sailor would say...
LINES & ROPES Every bag tells a story, which we like to share with you.
Discover what exciting life your bag lived, before it was yours.
We care about our planet!
With the use of recycled materials and the important support of OceanCare we do our bit for a better world.
Have look at the Ocean Care website and find out more about their projects and campaigns.
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